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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I require to perform any regular maintenance on my Apollo-Fitness Machine? What materials or solutions ought to I use to tidy my Apollo-Fitness Machine?


There is no require to perform any regular maintenance on the Apollo-Fitness Machine. It is only recommended to tidy the surface of the machine for sanitary purposes after each use. They recommend the use of a soft polyester wash cloth with an antibacterial soap and water solution to tidy and preserve the integrity of the touch screen, handle bars and exercise surface.


2.Where am I able to discover a user and training manual for my Apollo-Fitness Machine?


A user and training manual were included within the original packaging of your Apollo-Fitness Machine. For a replacement electronic copy of the manuals contact our customer support representatives by e mail with the serial number of your machine in the subject heading.


3. Where am I able to buy accessories to the Apollo-Fitness Machine?


All accessories for the Apollo-Fitness Machine can be bought at or through a customer support representative.


4. .Am I able to buy in-home or onsite training for my Apollo-Fitness Machine?


Experienced trainers are obtainable for onsite training. Training consists of a time period of 8 hours to cover physiological aspects of vibration exercise and practical application. The purchaser is subject to the cost of travel, training and accommodations of the trainer and will receive a certificate of completion.


In the event you are opening a tiny vibration studio or basically integrating a Apollo-Fitness Machine in to a fitness or rehabilitation setting, Apollo Manufacturing can fully support your needs with brochures, posters as well as a variety of other materials. For more information contact our customer support representatives.


5. Am I able to buy any Apollo promotion material?


Financing options are obtainable for consumer purchase. Contact of our customer support representatives for more detailed information.


6.Do you offer financing options for the Apollo-Fitness Machine?


7.How long will it take for me to get my machine one time I have decided to buy?


Shipping from the date of purchase is about three weeks or 15 to twenty  business days depending on the location.

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